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James Huff is the owner of Huff's Mobile Garage and lead mechanic. He has been in the mechanic industry since 1986. 

Starting out as a young man with a passion in vehicles and working with his grandfather on farm equipment, his passion grew into a career. After attending Diesel Technology School, James has completed 6 years experience as a lead technician, 10 years experience as a shop supervisor, and holds several years experience working on tractor trailers, firetrucks, school buses, and more.

Even as an avid family and business man, James takes his time to continue his education to stay up to date in the industry. Below are some of the certifications that he currently holds. 

Horton: Techincal Training - 1990

VGI Training: Certified Technician TYPE II: W& B Refrigeration Service - 1994

Carrier Transicold: Service School for Truck/Trailor Refrigeration Units - 1996

Freightliner Corporation: Basic Electricity Volts, Ohms, & Amps - 1999

Alliance: "Gimmie A Brake!" Foundation Parts - 2000
American LaFrance: Aerial Devices - 2000
American LaFrance: Pump Repair & Testing - 2000
American LaFrance: Service & Maintenance - 2000

Cummins College: ISB Engine - 2000

Freightliner Corporation: R-134a Air Conditioning System - 2000

Freightliner Corporation: Cool It! Components - 2000

Freightliner Corporation: Drivetrain Drivelines - 2000
HYPRO FoamPro Technician School: Design, Installation, & Service of FoamPro Foam Proportioning Systems - 2000

Cummins College: ISC Engine & Caps Fuel Pump Modular Repair - 2001

Cummins College: ISL Engine - 2001

Freightliner Corporation: Service & Maintenance - 2001

Freightliner Corporation: ServiceLink Training - 2001

IMAGA: Mobile Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Equipment - 2004

International: Truck & Engine Corporation Air System Training - 2008

Cardiff University & National Express: Bronze Certification: Fundemental Level 1c - 2011

Thomas Built Buses: Service Training - 2012

National Express: Frontline Leadership Development Program - 2013

LMACA: Licensed r12 

our company

At Huff's Mobile Garage, we come to you.

Equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge, our lead expert and owner, James Huff, will take special care of all your mechanical needs.

Huff's Mobile Garage services North Texas and surrounding areas. Whether you need an oil change, brake services, or need more extensive work, Huff's Mobile Garage can cater to your needs. 


James Huff


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